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From 10 Steps to 4: Why 'Skin Streaming' Saves You Time & Money

by Corinne Rivera & Jack LeeHoffman

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This week we're covering 'Skin Streaming'


  • 'Skin Streaming' is a buzzy term for, you guessed it, streamlining your skincare routine.
  • It's gaining popularity because it saves you time and money.
  • Consumers are shifting their interest toward multi-purpose products.
  • Dermatologists suggest it’s even more effective for skin product absorption.

So what's behind the Skin Streaming trend?

Let's travel back in time.

It's April 2020, and we’ve been locked inside. New TikTok influencers are rising to fame, and the 10-step Korean skincare routine is all the rage. With a bit of extra stimulus money and a whole lot of time, many of us bought into a new skincare routine.

Speed up to 2023; budgets and time are much tighter.

NWO.ai's comparison of the signals "Skin Streaming Routine" and "Korean Skin Care Routine" 

With inflation on the rise and less time on our hands, conditions are ripe for the emergence of the Skinimalism movement.

What is Skin Streaming?

Skin Streaming is a new trend that cuts out unnecessary products in your skincare routine.

Who can benefit from Skin Streaming?

Dr. Kunal Malik, the founder of Spring Steet Dermatology, says:

  • Skin Streaming benefits everyone, especially those with sensitive skin.
  • Over-layering can often dilute ingredients and prevent products from fully penetrating the skin.
  • Your skin is more likely to absorb and benefit from fewer high-impact products.

New York Times select “Super Doc,” Dr. Russak suggests:

  • Leaving out ingredients with no proven skin benefits and replacing them with high-quality ones like Bakuchiol or Kojic Acid.
  • Skin Streaming helps avoid combining products that don’t mix well and can irritate the skin.
  • This trend is a plus because it saves time and money!

Where is the Skin Streaming trend moving?

Brands can forecast a growing consumer interest in multi-functional face products that help streamline skin care routines.

NWO.ai's signal for Multifunctional Face Product has an Impact Score of +2541% and is forecast to peak in summer 2023. 

What are 'essential" Skin Streaming Products?

• Facial Cleansers

• Face Serums (specifically Vitamin C-based hydrating formulas)

• Moisturizers

• Daily SPFs

The below comparison shows that perceived 'additional' products, like face toner, are outranked by those included in a Skin Streaming routine. Face products focused on hydration, absorption, and sun production are forecast to outrank those that target acne and dirt.

Brands that are already catering to this trend are Fenty Skin and Paula's Choice.

NWO.ai's comparison of the signals for face: serum, moisturizer, cleanser, and toner.

The Takeaway:

Brands offering essential products with multiple purposes stand to gain from the Skin Streaming trend.

That's all we got for now.

Thanks for spending time with us on this week's Inflection Point.

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