Weekly dose of microtrends that will shape our future

Living in the Subscription Economy

In this piece, we will compare the Impact Score Signals for the top performers across Video, Music, Food, and Automotive sectors and will share the forecast for the near future.
Miroslav Dimitrov

Our AI read 80M patent filings to find the best solutions for tackling climate change

The global repository of patents contains hidden alpha for companies looking to tackle climate change- except making sense of millions of patent documents was difficult until now...
Pulkit Jaiswal

NWO.AI's weekly pulse: how plastic surgeons are benefiting from an explosion in body dysmorphia, travel nurses, the great avocado crunch, and more...

The correlation between body dysmorphia and plastic surgery, rising demand for travel nurses, and how brands can leverage the 90s nostalgia wave...
Pulkit Jaiswal

The signals behind the FDA "you are not a cow" warning, the continuing global microchip shortage, and more...

What caused FDA to send out a trigger warning about a cow parasite drug? How will the current global chip shortage evolve?
Pulkit Jaiswal

Did the pandemic break our brains? NWO.AI's consumer data reveals insights (Part 2)

We analyzed petabytes of consumer data and patents dating back to the 1700s to understand cures for sleep disorders.
Pulkit Jaiswal

Our AI read the 2700-page $1.2T Infrastructure Bill so you (and our politicians) don't have to...

After reading and processing over 200,000 Congressional documents, our algorithm teases out the key inflection points and themes in the latest $1.2T Infrastructure Bill
Pulkit Jaiswal & Imogen Low

Did the pandemic break our brains? NWO.AI's consumer data reveals insights (Part 1)

The correlation between the pandemic and sleep, the mental and physical impact of insomnia, and consumer-driven cures for sleep disorders.
Pulkit Jaiswal

Healthy livin': the trends shaping post-pandemic nutrition and well-being

This week’s bite-sized summary of 5 inflection points shaping today’s world: glamping, healthy energy drinks, alt protein, summer cocktails, and CBD Seltzer.
Miroslav Dimitrov

Used Luxury: Is Re-commerce the Future of Fashion Retail?

The growth of sustainable luxury, renewable materials, the rise of secondhand marketplaces, and our forecast for the re-commerce market for the next 12 months.
Miroslav Dimitrov

6 signals that are predicting a very bullish Bitcoin narrative

NWO.AI signals have revealed a paradigm shift in Bitcoin’s narrative. Here are 6 signals that are generating a very bullish case for Bitcoin...
Pulkit Jaiswal
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