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6 Trending Products from the International Beauty & Esthetics Show in NYC (Part I)

by Corinne Rivera

Hello Forecasters, 

Welcome back to the Inflection Point.

In March, NWO.ai attended the world's largest beauty and spa conference to get you the inside scoop on emerging trends.

The next two Inflection Points will cover the newest marketing, tech, and ingredients from IBS & IECSC, cross-referencing them with our data to help you find the signal in the noise.

Let's dive in.


#1 Biome Balancing Products 

The NWO.ai signals for 'personalized skincare' and 'skin microbiome' have steadily increased over the past three years. These macro trends have set the stage for 'biome balancing' products that use active bacteria to restore skin barrier balance. 

After speaking with several biochemists, we're watching the brand SIV

Their spore-based topical formula adapts to your skin microbiome to establish a healthy skin foundation. SIV's proprietary blend of Bacillus Spores is designed to lay dormant in the formula until activated from the skin's natural heat, oils, and water.

Living spores change and improve the skin microbiome by targeting overgrown bacteria and facilitating the growth of other essential species – effectively balancing the skin's barrier. 

Although the word microbiome is primarily associated with the gut, growing consumer awareness of healthy bacteria is driving the rise of topical probiotics for the face. 

The NWO.ai signal for 'Biome Balancing Serum' is expected to peak in March 2025. 

#2 Bio Microneedling & Exosome Skincare

Innovative companies are using nanotechnology to develop a new field of bio microneedling. Biotech brands are patenting the extraction of spicules, which are microscopic, needle-like structures occurring in organisms like sea sponges.

When used for micro-needling, the sponge spicules create thousands of microscopic punctures in the skin (3X more than traditional microneedling) to stimulate collagen and elastin production. 

An added benefit of sponge spicules is their anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which make them an ideal choice for acne-prone skin.  

The company we're keeping an eye on is the cosmeceutical brand Lara Clara. This line of Korean skincare combines the delivery power of bio-microneedling with plant-derived exosomes. 

Lara Clara sales material warns consumers, "When applied to the skin, you may experience a tingling sensation, which is a natural occurrence to experience the benefits of natural mico-needles."

By coating bifida fermented products (black garlic) and plant-based collagen (aloe vera) onto the natural microneedles, the cream effectively delivers ingredients to the dermis, enhancing the skin's absorption rate. 

The NWO.ai signal for 'Bio Microneedling' and 'Exosome Face Cream' is forecast to grow significantly over the next year. 

#3 EpiFusion 

EpiFusion is a novel technology offering 850 mico-pins that help naturally dissolve hyaluronic acid into the skin without traditional injections. 

The pen uses five different vibration speeds and promotes itself as an alternative to micro-needling; instead, using vibrational microchannels to permeate and infuse skin with specialized formulas.

Overall, we're seeing an uptick in consumers looking for non-invasive beauty procedures with little to no downtime.

#4 Vida Glow 

Vida Glow markets itself as an "ingestible beauty" brand focused on marine collagen pills, to-go powders, and a newly launched liquid gel packet for 'on-the-go' beauty. 

Brands like Vida Glow are gaining popularity as consumers look for diverse products that fit their lifestyles and flavor preferences. 

The 'Vida Glow' and 'Marine Collagen' signal is expected to peak in late 2024. Vida Glow's founder, Anna Lahey, breaks down the benefits of marine collagen in this video


Company Crown Aesthetics skincare line BIOJUVE promotes itself as 'Skin Biome Care Technology' and does well in educating its customers about beneficial bacteria. 

They've also developed the first FDA-cleared micro-needling device and post-micro-needling protocol using a platelet-rich plasma system called ProGen PRP. 

As microneedling continues to rise in popularity, consumers are increasingly interested in effective serums and formulas that work in tandem with needling procedures.

#6 Casmara

Casmara Cosmetics has been around since 1979 and has established itself as a leader in spa face masks. 

Their line of sheet masks spiked in popularity in late 2021 and has steadily grown in consumer interest. Casmara ingredients are top-of-the-line and offer customers the safety of completely covering the eyes when applied, a region typically avoided by standard sheet masks. 

OK, that's all we've got for now.

Be sure to read Part II of our IBS trend recap next week, where we'll list the top 10 beauty ingredients forecast to explode in 2025.

Until then, thanks for spending time with us on this week's Inflection Point.

We'll see you next time.

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