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Cargo Pants and Ferrari Fashion: The latest from Milan Fashion Week

by Jack LeeHoffman

Edited by Christian Thompson

Hello readers and welcome back to the Inflection Point. We are excited to be covering the latest trends from Milan Fashion Week (MFW) and what to expect moving forward. Cargo pants have been hitting runways and featured by some of the most iconic fashion brands, while a supercar icon finds itself in fashion.

NWO.ai's signal for "Cargo Pants."

As covered in our edition of London Fashion Week, there has been a resurgence of the Y2K aesthetic amongst consumers. One of the statement pieces of Y2K Fashion is cargo pants. You may be familiar with the pant style as it is typically viewed as a functional fashion accessory worn during outdoor activities, such as hiking. During MFW, cargo pants were seen on the runways of some of the most famous Italian fashion houses, including Fendi. The cargo pants trend is growing amongst luxury fashion brands and does not seem to be slowing down. Over the past two years, the impact score for “Cargo Pants” increased by 224% and the future estimate predicts sustained growth throughout the following year. The reemerging prominence of Y2K fashion enabled cargo pants’ growth, but what are some styles consumers are incorporating with the look?

NWO.ai's signal for "Cargo Pants" in the context of "Low-Rise."

While you may not think there are many different ways to style cargo pants, consumers have found different ways to wear the style. The typical pair of cargo pants are loose-fitting and comfortable valuing utility over aesthetic, however, there has been an increase in the incorporation of streetwear styles with cargo pants. Over the past two years, the impact score for “Cargo Pants” in the context of “Low-Rise” increased by 1413% and the future estimate forecasts continued growth throughout the following year. The low-rise style has grown exponentially in the past year and has been seen used with multiple styles of pants. Cargo pants seem to be the latest pants trend taking on the fashion world by storm and it will be interesting to monitor the style’s growth in the coming months.

NWO.ai's signal for "Ferrari" in the context of "High Fashion."

Ferrari is one of the most well-regarded luxury car companies in the world and arguably the most recognizable car brand today. Over the past couple of years, the brand has begun to experiment in the fashion industry, releasing three fashion lines, the most recent being at spring/summer 2023 Milan Fashion Week. Over the past two years, the impact score for “Ferrari” in the context of “High Fashion” increased by 145% and the future estimate predicts growth throughout the following year.

Ferrari rolled out its most recent fashion line capturing eyes from all over the world. The line featured racing-themed ideas, with many of the silhouettes inspired by the drivers behind their Formula 1 team, while also incorporating high-fashion staples. This presents an interesting case study as Ferrari may be trying to capitalize on the growing popularity of Formula 1 through their fashion line. This will be a trend to monitor and see if any luxury car Formula 1 brand attempt to penetrate the fashion industry.

Thanks for tuning into this week’s Inflection Point, covering some of the most interesting trends from Milan Fashion Week. Tune in next week, and as always, have a great weekend.


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