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The Rise of Dewy Skin and where this trend is heading

by Jack LeeHoffman

Edited by Christian Thompson

Welcome back to this week’s Inflection Point. This week we looked into skincare trends generating consumer energy. “Dewy Skin” seems to be on top of the mind of consumers, and we used our platform to find out why.

What is “Dewy Skin?” Dewy Skin refers to skin that possesses a bouncy and glowing look with a dew-like finish. It has been popularized by Asian Markets, featuring products from K Beauty and J Beauty. More recently, the trend has grown in popularity in Western Markets and is forecasted to grow in the future. Since January 2020, the impact score for “Dewy Skin” has increased by 433%. What has driven “Dewy Skin’s” popularity?

NWO.ai's comparison of "K Beauty Brands," "French Beauty Brands," and "American Beauty Brands"

The emergence of Asian beauty has played an integral role in the growing popularity of “Dewy Skin.” Specifically, K Beauty helped pioneer the look and has been a staple for Korean consumers. American Markets are beginning to notice the look popularized by many beauty influencers. When comparing different beauty markets, we can see that K Beauty Brands have outpaced other significant markets, most notably French Beauty Brands. Besides the growing popularity of Asian Beauty, what else has caused the trend to increase exponentially?

NWO.ai's signal for "No Makeup Makeup"

The pandemic changed the way many consumers view makeup. Consumers started to favor easy makeup routines with little to no effort. This prompted the “No Makeup Makeup” trend. “Dewy Skin” has benefited from this as many consumers are using the dewy skin skincare routine to achieve the “No Makeup Makeup” look. Since January 2020, the impact score for “No Makeup Makeup” has increased by 479%. The future estimate predicts considerable growth starting in the winter of 2022.  The question remains, how does one achieve “Dewy Skin?”

NWO.ai's comparison of "Hyaluronic Acid," "Pressed Serum Moisturizer," and " Double Cleanse Skincare"

Achieving the “Dewy Skin” look requires a multi-step skincare routine. According to this article by L’Oreal, there are different ways to achieve the look. Methods include a heavy emphasis on exfoliating regularly and using a hydrating primer. These methods enable the plump, dewy look that so many consumers are looking to achieve. This article by Byrdie lists products that help people get "Dewy Skin." We used our platform to compare popular product ingredients and methods. Double cleansing has become a popular method of cleaning one's face and is essential to getting a dewy finish. Consumers will mix water and oil-based cleansers to rid their skin of impurities. This is the first step to achieving dewy skin. Hyaluronic acid has increased by 696% since January 2020, and this ingredient rehydrates and repairs skin. Many consumers use essences that contain hyaluronic acid as one of the finishing steps of their skincare routine. To really emphasize the dewy look, the routine should finish with a Pressed Serum Moisturizer, which has increased by 321% since January 2020. These products are the main components of a dewy skincare routine. We believe that the “Dewy Skin” will continue to grow because it allows consumers to achieve the “No Makeup Makeup” whole, also promoting healthier skin.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s Inflection Point and learned more about the “Dewy Skin” trend. Tune in next week for more trends and analysis. As always, thank you for reading, and have a great weekend.


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