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Sarah Gupta

Dear reader,

Happy October! We're here with some timely and interesting signals to kick off the month.

1. Cybersecurity Awareness

NWO.AI Signal: Zero Trust Security, Fortinet

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, which is more relevant than ever as people now frequently conduct work from home. While these interactions might have been more secure at a physical office space with dedicated onsite IT professionals, the new order of things could pose security risks. With a rise in cybercrime in the past year, even the government has adopted approaches like zero trust security. In this framework, users must provide credentials even when inside the system, rather than having complete access with a single log-on. Cybersecurity companies like Fortinet have seen great gains over the past year, and will likely continue to play a huge role in the way we interact with technology.

2. Future of schooling

NWO.AI Signal: Career Bootcamp, Trade School

The pandemic saw plenty of people changing roles, and bootcamps allowed them to build skills for a new industry. Over the last few years, our signal for “career bootcamp” has increased exponentially, and the Impact Score will remain high. Likewise, our signal for “trade school” has increased +381%, though there are some expected dips during the middle of the year when people likely would not begin a new program. With the cost of college continuing to increase, many choose to pursue training programs rather than go into debt. In fact, many companies do not require college, though job hiring tends to favor those with degrees. The chatter around this topic has likely reached its peak for the year as people enroll in programs, and will decrease in the winter.

3. Saving the planet, one burger at a time

NWO.AI Signal: Meat Consumption & Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Lab-Grown, Meat Alternatives

Would you eat lab-grown meat or seafood? Considering issues with climate change and overfishing, it may be the most sustainable and cheapest option for the future. The huge environmental footprint of meat has even prompted Leonardo DiCaprio to invest in startups like Mosa Meat and Aleph Farms. Though cultivated meat provides a product much closer to real meat than plant-based alternatives, cost could be an issue.

4. Stars live on forever

NWO.AI Signal: Hologram Concert, Abba

Though holograms always seem like something out of a sci-fi film, the music industry has made it a reality with the rise of hologram concerts; we see an increase in Impact Score of 365% over the past few years. Deceased celebrities such as Tupac and Whitney Houston continue to be a part of live concerts, with mixed reactions from the public. More recently, ABBA announced their hologram tour in the beginning of September, which is when we see a peak in Impact Score for this signal, coupled with an overall gain of 194%.

5. Weekly supply chain roundup

NWO.AI Signal: Natural Gas, Carbon Dioxide

The UK has been experiencing some of the most drastic supply chain shocks in history, particularly the shortage of natural gas and carbon dioxide. Prices are expected to continue to skyrocket, and more delays are highly likely. Ukraine’s recent announcement that it will not offer extra interruptible gas transit capacity in October means that this shortage will remain an issue. As we previously noted, natural gas will continue to be a concern as we move into colder weather.

Bonus: In the past few weeks, NWO.AI talked about multiple supply chain shocks that might impact your holiday shopping. Here's a picture of a record number of ships (66) that are stuck outside of California as ports are barely managing to keep up.

Source: City Xtra Magazine (30th Sep 2021)
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