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NWO.AI’s Forecast for the upcoming 2020 Presidential Election

Imogen Low

As the head of machine learning at NWO.AI, I’ve had the opportunity to lead my team to build cutting edge algorithms that parse through several petabytes of human behavioral data to draw insights. I've had a front-row seat to the theatre of the world as it has transformed over the past few months to give rise to a new political, social, and economic order. We have made forecasts on everything from shifting consumer needs to big geopolitical shifts (and turned out to be right). Continuing on our journey, I’m thrilled to announce that NWO.AI has launched a US Presidential Election forecast dashboard. The dashboard, which will be updated twice a week, will show the likelihood (as a percentage) of winning the election, allocated to each candidate on any given day, by our algorithm. For us, this is not just about the horse race, it is about surfacing the underlying meanings behind billions of digital conversations related to each candidate and showcasing how they interact with a candidate’s evolving narrative, as we approach this November.

NWO.AI US Election Forecast Page

The algorithm takes into account the NWO.AI's market-tested metric, Impact Score, Sentiment as well as contextual signals surrounding the two candidates. In the spirit of transparency, we have published a summary of our methodology. For those who’d like to skip the algorithmic jargon, please follow along this link to proceed to the dashboard or copy and paste the following url into your browser:


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